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Pallot v Jersey Heritage Trust (Jersey)

The claims in this case were for discrimination and automatic unfair dismissal. The Claimant was a driver for amphibious passenger vehicles that travel between West Park and Elizabeth Castle and

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Contracts – They’re a Must!

One of the first hurdles that can trip employers is the employment contract. You must provide a contract of employment to your employees within the first four weeks of employment,

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Grow Your Own Talent

Whilst employers navigate the minefield that the ‘new normal’ brings, it’s essential to think about employees’ career journeys and succession planning. The pandemic brought a lot of job-hopping, and employees

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Supporting the Care Industry

Care homes and home care services have had a challenging time over the last 18 months, with three lockdowns, staff shortages, and increased workloads. The troubles of the pandemic also

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An Introduction to Occupational Health

What do you think of when someone mentions occupational health? Most people will think of a department that employees are referred to for assessment when they’re off sick. An occupational

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Bereavement Leave for Parents

Jersey’s States Assembly has approved a proposition to introduce a change to Jersey’s benefit structure relating to bereavement leave. The proposals will ensure employed parents who suffer the death of

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The Importance of Facilities Managers

Facilities management has gradually moved from a necessary but unnoticed background activity to a more prominent role in most organisations. This shift is due to situations like the Grenfell Tower

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Beat the Hasty Retreat

Managing holidays are not usually a big concern for employers. Staff look forward to taking their holiday entitlement and consider it an essential part of their benefits package. Holidays provide

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