New H&S online training products launched


LAW is launching its Health & Safety online e-learning suite of courses. Employers find our eLearning courses cost effective as they are entirely computer-based and remove the need for a physical, real-time trainer. As eLearning materials are available 24/7 this makes it possible for employees to study the subject at their own pace and in comfortable settings. It can also lead to increased retention and a stronger grasp of the subject as there are interactive elements that are combined in the modules to reinforce the message.

Elearning also provides a consistent message as it eliminates any problems associated with different instructors teaching slightly different material on the same subject. For company-based training this is often critical.

The above are all beneficial to a company but there are additional benefits for local businesses who choose Law At Work as an eLearning provider:

  • all our courses are tailored to Jersey legislation and best practice;
  • our eLearning portal is based on a platform developed by a market leader in high quality online training;
  • selected courses are assured by ROSPA and CIEH;
  • our food safety courses are available in Polish and Portuguese; and,
  • discounts are available for bulk purchases.

To find out more please call Vic or Cara on 887088 in the first instance.

Many employers have already benefited from purchasing our food safety or HR courses, including our discrimination suite of courses, all written in line with Jersey legislation.

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