Leadership in an ever-changing world

Law At Work is leading the way in advising businesses how to build on the massive changes we have seen in the workplace in the past couple of years.  In […]

Leadership survey 2022

st aubin's bay in jersey

We’re so pleased to be sponsoring the Leadership Jersey survey again this year. We would appreciate 6 minutes of your time to contribute to this important initiative (click link above). […]

Christmas cheer and corporate conduct

five person standing while talking each other

In the words of Noddy Holder… ITS CHRISTMAAAAAAS! Christmas is a time full of festive cheer and a time to celebrate the year together, but it can be a tricky […]

Important employment related updates

Jersey businesses had a challenging year in 2021, and the start of this year saw a small but important flurry of employment law changes. Among the changes was the introduction […]

Lessons Learnt from the Pandemic

As we all know, the last two years have caused a lot of disruption to our regular working days. Working from home became the norm for so many, while this […]

Minimum leave and break times increased in Jersey

From 1 January 2022, uninterrupted rest breaks of at least 20 minutes in every six-hour period will be a legal entitlement to Jersey workers. Annual leave entitlement will also be increasing to […]

Payroll considerations across the Islands

The key theme across the Islands presently is a scarcity of resources, which will bring remuneration strategy in its broadest sense to the forefront of business thinking for the upcoming […]

Contracts – They’re a Must!

One of the first hurdles that can trip employers is the employment contract. You must provide a contract of employment to your employees within the first four weeks of employment, […]

Grow Your Own Talent

Whilst employers navigate the minefield that the ‘new normal’ brings, it’s essential to think about employees’ career journeys and succession planning. The pandemic brought a lot of job-hopping, and employees […]

An Introduction to Occupational Health

What do you think of when someone mentions occupational health? Most people will think of a department that employees are referred to for assessment when they’re off sick. An occupational […]

Bereavement Leave for Parents

Jersey’s States Assembly has approved a proposition to introduce a change to Jersey’s benefit structure relating to bereavement leave. The proposals will ensure employed parents who suffer the death of […]

Beat the Hasty Retreat

Managing holidays are not usually a big concern for employers. Staff look forward to taking their holiday entitlement and consider it an essential part of their benefits package. Holidays provide […]

Are Your Employees Under the Influence?

Following on from Dr Edmond’s article, it’s not just medicinal cannabis that employers must think about – it’s also drinks, drugs, and legal highs. When Jersey’s employment laws changed in 2005, […]

We’re Keeping Up with Technology, Are You?

Do you need a cloud-based HR system to improve your employee management and business productivity? We’ve got you covered, introducing the @Work HR Software System. Our multifunctional HR Software solution […]

Is any job worth this?

Every employer has experienced bullying and harassment concerns in one way or another. Whether it’s for yourself, someone you know, or between colleagues in your workplace, we must all be […]

Employing EU nationals – it’s all changed!

Brexit has brought many changes, particularly to how we employ EU nationals, a large section of our population and workforce in the Channel Islands. The beginning of 2019 saw the […]

2021 Outlook

After the past year, it might not seem like there is anything else that could be thrown our way; but there are still a number of events in 2021 that […]

Redundancy: Fair or Not?

The latest business tendency survey showed us that certain industries have been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many consequences is that many organisations are contemplating a […]

New Packages for Small Business

As lockdown has now lifted, many businesses are largely open but faced with an uncertain and challenging winter. In the early stages of lockdown, Law At Work provided many organisations […]

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