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Legionella Awareness eLearning from Law At Work is ideal for all employees required to carry out water management tasks.

The licence price allows one user to access the course and is exclusive of GST.

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Legionella eLearning from Law At Work is ideal for all employees required to carry out water management tasks.


Cases of Legionnaires’ disease, caused by Legionella bacteria, are fortunately rare. However, when they occur, they can be fatal to vulnerable people and expensive to organisations and to individual managers.

To meet your obligations under the law, you need to have assessed the risk from your water systems, including hot and cold water, evaporative cooling systems and other plant equipment such as vehicle washers and irrigation equipment. You need to have a written scheme which describes what competent people are doing to manage the risks. Even if someone is tasked with simply running the taps once a week, they should understand why, as this could be a vital part of keeping people safe.

This Legionella eLearning course outlines typical water management tasks, and helps employees understand why each task is important. As well as looking at what happens when organisations do not safely manage their water systems, employees will be shown how the jobs they have been asked to do will break the chain of events that can lead to a death from Legionnaires’ disease.



  • Learn about the conditions which encourage Legionella bacteria growth and its impact on human health
  • Show different types of water systems and typical water management tasks
  • Teach the importance of recording water management tasks in a site diary
  • Advise on control measures and when to seek advice


  • Reduce risks from water systems by making sure employees understand the importance of water management tasks and their role in controlling Legionella bacteria
  • Improve your ability to defend yourself in the event of an outbreak by explaining to employees the necessity for following a written scheme and accurately documenting water management tasks

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