Book review: Unmasking Autism by Dr Devon Price

“Autism isn’t something to be hidden or cured, but rather embraced and celebrated for the unique perspective and strengths it brings to our world.“ Dr Devon Price Unlike the UK, […]

Draft Food (Jersey) Law 2022

produce section of a grocery store

The States of Jersey will debate the replacement of the current and outdated Food Safety (Jersey) Law which has been with us since England last won the Football World Cup […]

Jersey Health and Safety Inspectorate Annual Report

The Jersey Health and Safety Inspectorate’s annual report for 2020 was recently released. Despite the effect that the pandemic, it still makes for some interesting reading. Unsurprisingly, COVID heavily impacted […]

The Importance of Facilities Managers

Facilities management has gradually moved from a necessary but unnoticed background activity to a more prominent role in most organisations. This shift is due to situations like the Grenfell Tower […]

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