When Will I Need a Health and Safety Project Coordinator?

Many of us often consider extending or developing our properties and taking on new projects. However, before the work has even started, the employer needs to comply with the relevant legislation.

The Health and Safety (Management in Construction)(Jersey) Regulations 2016 set out detailed requirements to ensure proper health and safety in Jersey’s construction industry by requiring the identification and control of design, construction, and maintenance risks.

Commercial clients will be expected to understand their legal obligations and may have the resources to project manage construction projects. Domestic clients on the other hand, are not expected to be familiar with the regulations. However, the construction regulations still apply to the project and everyone on the project team including contractors and designers.

Depending on the scale and potential risks of your project, you may need to appoint a Health and Safety Project Coordinator (HSPC). The HSPC is there to support their client in managing the health and safety issues in the planning stage of the project and the building’s maintenance.

The HSPC should:

  • Notify the authorities of the length and type of the project and the makeup of the professional team to indicate the project’s complexity
  • Review the design and any changes to check if there are any obvious health and safety concerns the contractors should be aware of, or that may cause problems in any maintenance (such as light fittings which are dangerous to reach)
  • Review the health and safety plans provided by the principal contractor to ensure they will meet the client’s requirements
  • Put together a health and safety file for the client based on information the principal contractor provides on the maintenance, cleaning, or eventual demolition of the build.

Projects that will take longer than 30 working days require an HSPC.

Law At Work provides tailored HSPC services for a wide range of clients, assisting them to meet with their duties.

Please contact Victoria on 01534 887088 to find out how we can help.

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