The Importance of Facilities Managers

Facilities management has gradually moved from a necessary but unnoticed background activity to a more prominent role in most organisations. This shift is due to situations like the Grenfell Tower disaster and the COVID-19 pandemic and how they have affected businesses.

The ramifications of Grenfell have resulted in a closer look at fire protection in buildings and the importance of fire evacuation arrangements. With the move to a mixture of office and home working, businesses may need evacuation procedure reviews.

These reviews involve asking simple questions like, will enough fire marshals and first aiders be present during regular working hours? And how will this be affected by flexible working?

COVID’s effect on what was considered standard working practices have been well-documented. Facilities managers have played an essential role as they are involved in designing the best use of office space. To do this, they have to develop a greater understanding of the actual work happening in their buildings.

There are many things that facilities managers must consider. For example, changes in desk layout can impact productivity, ventilation to provide more fresh air in the right places needs examining, reduced water use and the safety implications must be understood, and so on.

Understanding the issues in this evolving world of work requires facilities managers to become better problem solvers. They have to learn to manage facilities assets effectively, rather than just reacting to demand and arranging routine maintenance.

It’s important to demonstrate that both buildings and occupants’ health and safety impacts are understood and controlled. Regular reviews of health and safety risks such as legionella and fire are essential. Still, other aspects need to be checked as well. Developing effective contractor management systems so that the health and safety aspects of asset management on corporate risk are well-managed will benefit your business and the people you look after.

If you’re a busy and under-pressure facilities manager, or you need a bit of help with your organisation’s health and safety, let us know. Please call 01534 887088 to speak with our Health & Safety team, who will be happy to assist you.

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