What is the cost to your business of a fall from height?

We’ve all read headlines about businesses being fined thousands of pounds for health and safety infractions. A common reaction to these reports is to think, “It could never happen to me”, but the simple fact is, it could.

No one likes to dwell for too long on death and injury, but it is important to constantly consider “what if …” especially if your business involves staff working at height. Falling from height is the biggest occupational killer in the British Isles, accounting for 37 (26%) of the 144 occupational deaths between April 2015 and March 2016.

Considering both the financial cost and human cost, the UK Health and Safety Executive estimate the cost of each occupational fatality at £1.6m and each non-fatal injury at £7,400. The financial cost includes such things as productivity costs, health and rehabilitation costs, administrative and legal costs, and compensation.

The human cost attempts to put a monetary value on the suffering and hardship caused by the accident. It is harder to quantify and is, essentially, the value that individuals would be prepared to pay to avoid death or injury at work. It is always significantly more than the financial cost.

When it comes to non-fatal injuries caused by falling from height, the cost significantly increases when the accident results in an absence of more than seven days, which is more likely than not, so non-fatal falls from height have a higher average cost.

Falling is clearly a major hazard for those working at height, but it only poses a significant risk if it is not properly controlled. Law At Work can help you avoid the high cost of an occupational fatality or injury, so ring 01534 887088 or email enquiry@lawatworkci.com to find out more.

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