Returning graduates


Stephanie Costford, HR Business Manager at Law at Work, tells us why returning graduates need more challenging work than the photocopying.

Graduates return to the Island excited, driven and with a desire for success. However, employers can change these key attributes of an individual instantly. Whilst job searching myself, the most common response received was, “You don’t have the required experience.” So, how are you to gain the required experience if no one is willing to provide you with it?

Employers too often give mundane tasks to a graduate, as a starting point, because they are perceived as the “office junior”. Whilst it is true that we all have to carry out tasks such as filing and updating spreadsheets, if a graduate’s job role only consists of those tasks, they will become demotivated, unenthusiastic and will eventually look elsewhere for an employer who will meet their aspirations. It can also make the graduate feel unworthy and doubt their ability to succeed within their chosen career path – in my experience, this definitely was the case!

Graduates want exciting and new experiences, to be challenged and stretched, so they are able to develop their existing skills and knowledge.

I was fortunate enough to find an employer that saw my desire to succeed and learn. Since joining Law At Work my confidence has grown significantly. I have been given the opportunity to share my existing knowledge and learn from my colleagues who have extensive knowledge. I am constantly being encouraged to bring new ideas and utilise my skills. Everyday is an exciting new challenge.
This was the motivating and challenging role I had been looking for on my return to the island.
Employers need to understand how invaluable graduates are. You can shape and develop a young individual to your business. With your support, they can develop and learn from your team who have a wide range of experiences and knowledge. Most importantly, you are giving them skills that will enable them to be valuable employees in the future.

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