Quick Q&A with the H&S team at Law At Work

The H&S team at Law At Work
Cara Le Heuze, David Ward , Patrick Guyomard
The H&S team at Law At Work

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

Paddy: Going to so many diverse companies, and meeting clients, many of whom I consider colleagues and friends.

Cara: Like Paddy, I enjoy meeting and greeting all the clients when they come to the offices, and arranging the training sessions for them. It’s great that we’ve got so many diverse clients!

Q: If you weren’t doing the job you are doing, what would you like to be doing?

Cara: Volunteering abroad, helping conservation groups and rehabilitation facilities in less economically developed countries.

Paddy: If it was work, teaching in some form – otherwise travelling to far off and exotic places – probably Hull!

Q: What’s the worst workplace experience you have ever had?

Dave: Finding a rider in a sand school crushed level with the surface after her horse had rolled over her. She was blue and not breathing.

Q: What’s the best workplace experience you have ever had?

Dave: Remembering why I was a first aider and getting her back with CPR. She sends me a Christmas card every year.

Paddy: I wasn’t as lucky as Dave. In a previous job, an elderly guest died when visiting a hotel. I thought that was the worst experience until, a year later, his wife wrote to the company telling us how much her and her family’s lives had been affected by her husband’s death. It was heart breaking.

Q: What would you like to see more employers doing?

Cara: Giving people with less experience a chance to prove their skills and the opportunity to succeed. Law At Work gave me the opportunity to expand my experience in an office environment through the States’ Back to Work Scheme.

Q: What direction would you like to see the States going in?

Dave: Less BIG Government and more CLEVER Government. Cover the basics and leave the rest to the parishes. As far as I’m concerned, the basics are infrastructure, power, education, health (notice, no social security!), and social housing.

Q: What book or movie would you recommend all employers to read/watch? And why?

Dave: War and Peace – all the time they were reading it they would be keeping out of trouble, and it makes a great book end for the library shelf. Double bubble!

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