Quick Q&A with the HR team at Law At Work

Laura King, Andrea Amy, Martin Buckland
Laura King, Andrea Amy, Martin Buckland
Laura King, Andrea Amy, Martin Buckland
The HR team at Law At Work

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

Laura: The variety. No two days are ever the same when you are dealing with so many different companies across all sectors of business. I enjoy gaining an understanding of our clients businesses
and building strong working relationships with them.

I have to say, we have a fantastic team at LAW. Our job can sometimes be quite stressful and demanding, but we all pull together and support each other through the hard times. We all get on very well and it makes coming to work a pleasure.

Andrea: I agree. When you are dealing with depressing issues such as redundancies and disciplinary issues on a daily basis, it’s important to work alongside good people.

Martin: We often have to give advice to clients that, although correct, is the last thing they want to hear! So, it’s great when that advice pays off and you are invited out to lunch by a client who has managed to avoid a sticky employee related mess.

Q: If you weren’t doing the job you are doing, what would you like to be doing?

Laura: If money were no object I would love to have my own little art gallery and shop where I could paint, sculpt and make jewellery, handbags and other little trinkets. I love being creative.

Martin: I’m a bit of a technology and gadget geek, so probably something in IT.

Q: What’s the worst workplace experience you have ever had?

Andrea: During a disciplinary hearing a member of staff tried to hit me around the head with a motorcycle helmet!

Q: What’s the best workplace experience you have ever had?

Andrea: Working with the global brand Starbucks Coffee when I lived in Switzerland. I was given the most amazing career and life experience opportunities, which included travelling all over the world. I got my BA gold card within 6 months!

Q: What is your recipe for a happy workplace?

Laura: I think working as a team is a recipe for a happy work place as well as recognition for hard work and a job well done.

Martin: 20% keeping an open mind, 20% listening to others, 20% office banter, 15% common sense, 15% understanding and compassion, 10% laughter and a pinch of lunacy.

Andrea: Having a passion for what you do, working in a fun environment and having a good work-life balance.

Q: What book or movie would you recommend all employers to read/watch? And why?

Laura: Workwise, I would advise any employer to read a fantastic book called “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. He was a key note speaker at one of the CIPD conferences that I was lucky enough to attend in the UK. It looks at what makes leaders great leaders. One of my favourite quotes of his is that “very few employees start a new job as dis-engaged employees. The trick is to maintain this engagement and not de-motivate them so much that they become dis-engaged employees.” Very inspirational!

Andrea: Howard Schultz’s “One cup at a time” and Alan Sugar’s “This is who I am”. Both books demonstrate that with hard work, passion and commitment, and acute business acumen, you can build a successful business while rewarding the loyalty of your staff at the same time.

Martin: Jurassic Park – I think it serves as a good example of what can happen if you don’t have proper procedures and/or processes in place. The ramifications may not be quite so extreme in the real world, but if you don’t follow proper process you will face big problems (which may or may not involve a Tyrannosaurus Rex rampaging around on company property!).

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