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Thank you to everyone who asked a question this morning. We had an interesting mix. Here is a summary of the questions and answers:

From @NickCrolla: What rights do fathers (or mothers) have when it comes to looking after sick children? ‪#‎AskLaw‬

Answer: Parents have no rights when it comes to sick children. But if you have caring responsibilities you can apply for flexi-working. Many employers have policies which provide for assistance in cases like this.

From @blondebutler: if you work in jersey for a uk company can you claim both jersey and uk statutory pay? ‪#‎asklaw‬

Answer: Many UK orgs have policies which reflect UK law. Suggest you check. If no policy, a Jsy resident employee will get Jsy statutory pay.

From @blondebutler: okay thanks. So generally you can’t claim both then?

Answer: That’s right. You claim the one where you are resident.

From @liberatecipride: ‪#‎asklaw‬ When staging an outdoor summer event in a public space does the discrm law re breastfeeding apply? Would we have a liability as org?

Answer: Yes, it applies to the org and you could have a liability if you (the org) were to discriminate.

From @leonieherve: ‪#‎AskLaw‬: Does an employee have a statutory right to be allowed to go for doctor’s appointments? Many thanks.

Answer: There is no statutory right for non-maternity related appointments but ante-natal care (not classes) is covered.

From Natalie Sunley on Facebook: Can an employer make someone redundant while they’re on maternity leave? If so, does their maternity leave count as notice period?

Answer: Thank you for your post. Yes, an employer can make someone redundant whilst on maternity leave but would need to follow the usual fair processes. The notice period can overlap with the maternity leave.

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