Have your say on… Age Discrimination

What? There are only 10 days left on the consultation exercise on the new Age Discrimination regulations!

Why care? In essence, the draft law is not as unfavourable to employers and businesses as it could be but employee representatives are, understandably, lobbying to change this. That said, even as it is, the law will impact on several standard Island employer practices. For example, it is proposed that employers who dismiss employees or who stop certain benefits under pensionable age will be at risk of an age discrimination claim. Accordingly, it is in your interests to consider the same and respond. You may strongly feel these and other practices do not need ‘fixing’; or you may feel they are acceptable in principle if certain allowances are made

How? If you have not already responded and/or you found the regulations difficult to understand let alone respond, you may wish to undertake LAW’s brief survey on the same. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. LAW will then feed this feedback onto the Minister for Social Security as part of a collective response from Island employers on your behalf. Please note LAW’s survey only focuses on seven exceptions to the new law critical to employers and providers of goods and services. If you operate in: the finance, healthcare, education or public sector, you may wish to undertake the consultation in full as your sectors have special exception(s) tailored to your industry.

To undertake LAW’s survey, click here. To respond to the Social Security Department’s full consultation exercise, click here.

When? The deadline for submitting LAW’s survey is 24 February 2016 i.e. a week; the deadline for responding to the Social Security Department direct is 26 February 2016 i.e. 10 days.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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