Disability Discrimination in-house training options

Jersey will see the introduction of the Discrimination (Disability) (Jersey) Regulations 2018 on 1 September. This legislation aims to promote equality for disabled islanders. It works to ensure that people living with disability can enjoy quality of life and to reduce the inequality between disabled and non-disabled islanders.

Discriminatory practices injure employees, employers and customers. They foster poor morale, reduce profitability and expose businesses to costly litigation losses, such as time, money, energy, employees and even customers.

Directors and senior managers are ultimately responsible for the application of non-discriminatory practices in their organisation and, therefore, need to be aware of what is covered under this law and the elements that are likely to lead to issues around disability discrimination.

A session for directors and senior managers will cover:

• Who/what is potentially caught;
• The meaning of ‘disability’ in Jersey;
• How liability is created – types of discrimination – real examples;
• How liability is avoided – exceptions/defences;
• Likely problem areas; and
• Next steps.

Staff awareness is a key part of an employer’s defence. They must ensure that their employees understand what the discrimination law is all about and what behaviour is and is not acceptable.

Staff sessions will cover:

• Your legal obligations;
• What ‘disability’ means;
• How discrimination occurs – real examples;
• What discrimination is exempt;
• What your employer expects from you;
• Focus on work banter;
• Consequences of breaking the law and your employer’s policies; and
• What to do if you see it happening or feel you’re a victim.

This session can be adapted to cover all 7 protected characteristics not just disability.

Session duration is between 2.5 – 3 hours (depending on group size) and is designed and priced to be run in-house, therefore the dates and times can be scheduled to your own requirements. We can accommodate early starts and later finishes to suit most businesses.

Sessions are run for a maximum of 16 delegates and are highly interactive and delegates will need to participate in exercises to gain as much learning as possible.

Please contact Lorna Pestana on 887088 or lorna.pestana@lawatworkci.com

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