Bullying and Harassment – Is Your Business Prepared?

Workplace bullying or harassment is a serious matter that can cause emotional and physical harm.

Even if your business has not received complaints, you must not assume that a problem doesn’t exist, as bullying and harassment cannot be ignored.

Perceptions of bullying and harassment can differ, so employees at all levels must be aware of these behaviours. Identifying and understanding where behaviours cross the line into the unacceptable will help protect your staff members.

All employees have the right not to be harassed. However, it’s vital that businesses understand the types of harassment, when it becomes unlawful, and the risks it poses. If harassment amounts to discrimination, there may be consequences for both your business and the individuals involved.

With the end of COVID-19 restrictions, employees are returning to work which brings the possibility of increased friction. For example, differing opinions on Covid-19 vaccinations could cause tensions to run high. The potential for issues means now is the time for you to review existing policies and assess their past effectiveness.

The return to work is also an excellent opportunity to review the training your employees have undertaken. Employee knowledge should be up-to-date, and staff should understand, adhere to, and have a consistent approach to policies and procedures.

Businesses should be reviewing their workplace culture and ensuring all policies are current and well-publicised. Providing clarity on expectations surrounding business values and behaviours is crucial, as is enabling employees to raise matters without fear of recrimination.

If you’d like to upskill your employees and protect your business through training, please get in touch with our HR team on 01534 887088 for more information.

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