Contracts – They’re a Must!

One of the first hurdles that can trip employers is the employment contract.

You must provide a contract of employment to your employees within the first four weeks of employment, regardless of if they leave work before the end of those four weeks.

The Employment (Jersey) Law 2003 requires a contract (sometimes called a written statement of particulars) to be signed by you as an employer. It must include many details such as names, dates, work hours, holidays, and more.

As this is a legislative requirement, you must be aware of potential penalties, including a fine of up to four weeks of an employee’s pay for failure to provide a contract. Additionally, you should be mindful of claims for both breach of contract and unfair dismissal, as these can occur in situations where employers fail to meet their obligations.

For Guernsey employers, the case is remarkably similar. Employment contracts must contain specific information and failure to provide one within four weeks opens you up to possible claims that are likely unforeseen.

At worst, employers from either island could find themselves in front of the Employment Tribunal, which is no doubt something you’d want to avoid at all costs.

This is a real issue for employers in Jersey and Guernsey. A quick scroll through the online tribunal judgements reveals many cases where employers have been caught out for a simple, although technical, breach of employment law.

Are your documents up to date? Do you have employment contracts and handbooks that give you the tools to do your job and manage your employees effectively?

If you’re not sure, give us a call on 01534 887088 to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly HR Business Partners for some advice.

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