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About us

We are employment and employee relations specialists based in the Channel Islands. We provide accurate, consistent and informed advice, encompassing employment matters and health & safety issues, that is straightforward, commercial and practical. With the right advice, that explains the risks and costs associated with each available option, you can make the right decision.

Employment Advisors

Our service is unique to the Channel Islands due to our blended approach of employment law and human resource specialists. We pride ourselves on giving the right advice every time, excelling in areas of discrimination, employment relations and tribunal representation.

Health & Safety Professionals

Our health & safety professionals are qualified with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health). With years of ‘real world’ experience covering all industries and types of workplaces, they know the importance to a business of keeping their employees and their assets safe.

Empowering You

A key part of our success is sharing our knowledge with our clients. We provide a ‘hands on’ approach to ensure that your employees understand why following the right advice matters. Whether we are delivering training courses or mentoring, we ensure that your employees have the knowledge to protect your business.

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Kelly Flageul


Heidi Gibaut


Sharon Peacock


Richard Plaster


Lorna Pestana


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Online Courses Available

About Courses

Our training is delivered in the classroom and/or online. We have a range of courses covering employment issues and health & safety topics to suit all sizes of organisation.

Our online training starts from as little as £15.00 (+GST) per person per course.

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