Train to Gain in 2015

Train to Gain in 2015


Managing Safely (IOSH)
15th January 2015 (4 days) & 24th September 2015 (4 days)
£495 (excluding GST)

Managing safely is for managers, supervisors and directors of smaller companies in any sector, and any organisation. This nationally recognised qualification will provide candidates with the knowledge to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organisation’s health and safety policy and best practice.

Asbestos Awareness
11th February 2015 (Half day) & 26th August 2015 (Half day)
£60 (excluding GST)

Managers, supervisors and workers who may be at risk from exposure to asbestos in workplace buildings and structures during their normal day to day work should complete this training. Particularly those involved in demolition, refurbishment, maintenance and allied trades. For more information, click here.

Working Safely (IOSH)
25th February 2015 (Full day) & 16th September 2015 (Full day)
£125 (excluding GST)

Working safely is a nationally recognised course is designed to improve the safety culture within an organisation by giving individuals a good understanding of their health and safety responsibilities, the risks to business of poor safety performance and teaching them how to keep themselves and others safe at work. for more information, click here.

Fire Marshal Training
11th March 2015 (Half day) & 18th November 2015 (Half day)
£90 (excluding GST)

Fire marshal training should be attended by anyone who has volunteered for or been given responsibility for responding during an emergency fire alarm in their place of work. It will give an insight into how fire can threaten life and property and how it [Fire] responds and reacts in given conditions. For more information, click here.

Site Safety Supervisor
26th March 2015 (3 days)
£395 (excluding GST)

This H&S@Work accredited qualification is designed to provide construction site managers and supervisors with knowledge to manage construction sites in line with Jersey construction legislation and industry best practice. This course will be run over 3 weeks to minimise site disruption.

DSE Assessor Training
15th April 2015 (Full day) & 4th November 2015 (Full day)
£140 (excluding GST)

To meet the guidelines of the Jersey Display Screen Equipment at Work approved Code of Practice in providing assessors with the skills to assess risks in the use of computer equipment.
This qualification will provide candidates with the knowledge to understand the legal requirements in the use of display screen assessments and to conduct assessments.

Manual Handling
29th April 2015 (Half Day) & 9th September 2015 (Half day)
£60 (excluding GST)

Manual handling in a major source of work place injury and is a potential direct and indirect cost to any company, ranging from illness payments to disruption of work schedules.
This course will provide candidates with an awareness of the health risks from poor manual handling practices and train candidates in manual handling techniques to minimise the risk of injury.

Working at Height
6th May 2015 (Half day) & 7th October 2015 (Half day)
£75 (excluding GST)

As part of the Work at Height Regulations 2005, those involved in work at height must be competent (or, if being trained, supervised by a competent person). The concept for this syllabus was borne initially out the desire to establish what every worker should know about work at height activity to keep them safe, until they have been fully trained in any particular aspect.

Scaffold Awareness
14th May 2015 (Full day)
£125 (excluding GST)

The aim of this course is to provide site managers and anyone using an access scaffold with enough knowledge to allow them to identify basic faults and potential problems with scaffolds to complete the Record of Inspection of Scaffolds, Social Security form F.I.5.

Risk Assessment
28th October 2015 (Full day)
£125 (excluding GST)

Risk assessment is now a requirement under Jersey health and safety legislation and is a fundamental requirement when designing procedures which are safe and without risk to health. Permits to Work are used to control high risk activities as part of a safe system of work which will include identifying safety training needs of employees.

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