A corporate branding service provided by Law At Work in partnership with EssentialSkillz. Take out our branded portal option and we can brand our eLearning courses with your own distinctive corporate style so that our courses have your company’s look.


The branding applies your own particular branding style to our online portal and comprehensive suite of courses. Our highly skilled design team can integrate your branding preferences seamlessly into our pre-existing suite of online safety and risk assessment solutions.

  • Your corporate colours
  • Your company logo
  • Helps staff engage with the training
  • Seamless transition from your site to the training
  • Professionally designed by our team

We have endeavoured to make the branding process as simple as possible for you. We believe our branding couldn’t be easier to implement.

All we ask of you is:

  • To send us any images or logos relevant to your brand
  • To tell us if you have any preferences with regard to colour schemes, styles or backgrounds
  • Provide us with your branding guidelines if you have them

We can brand each step along the eLearning path, so corporate styling can be applied to everything from the log-in page, to the learning screens, to the courses themselves and even to the certificate awarded to the users who complete the course.